Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ICEMAN vs Snowchopper

So after we get the snowrunner back to Vail, we hit town for some drinks and good times. There is a bar facing the slopes in Vail village so we pony up and tear into some "Ski Shots" (1 Ski, 5 shot glasses, add tequila, 5 people)Of course we are looking up at this freshly groomed hill and think... SNOWRUNNER!! Josh and I sneak off to go grab it so we can tear some shit up. Josh starts her up and comes ripping up to the bar. Instantly a crowd pleaser, all 8 of us, bartenders, and staff are taking hot laps.All is good, and then a lightbulb over Josh head goes off. He jumps on the snow chopper and heads up the cat track to a black diamond peak in front of the village.Here is the ski map, so you can picture where we are at and where Josh aka ICEMAN is planning on coming down:So ICEMAN drops in and gets the 6hp briggs & stratton up to about 70mph in a matter of 50 yrds. Brakes aren't slowing him down and this Chrysler Snowrunner is cooking. Iceman jumps ship and gets tossed to his back and starts going even faster. Its like a baby tortuga getting shot out of a cannon. He starts to spin around and slow himself down cause a snow flurry like a meteor just landed on the hill. We get up to him to see him crusted like an Icey snowman. He is laughing hysterically because in all the action a shoe got ripped off and his wallet was somewhere on the hill.
The Snow chopper is stuck 3/4 the way up this icey death run, so Clayton and I go for the rescue mission. We get to the top and look over the edge to see the snow chopper waiting for some assistance.We were pretty drunk and wearing vans shoes so we weren't the best prepared to go hike in the snow. We managed to shimmy across the hill and slide down to the snow chopper for a succesful rescue. And as we slid down the hill, we came across a shoe and a wallet. Here is a pic of the ICEMAN with K12 death slope, his rescued shoe, and iced up wallet.And after all that fun, we made it back to the bar where Big Josh aka Iceman got us some champagne to celebrate!


  1. brilliant. best story ive heard in awhile.

  2. The only thing missing was Stevil Kenevil.