Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Denver pt 2 SNOW CHOPPER

While we were down at the Denver Motorcycle Show, we came across a pretty strange machine. It's a 1979 Snowrunner by Chrysler. Some old guy that was selling sausages had it and was trying to get rid of it. After walking around and drinking a few beers, Josh thought it would be a great addition to this Colorado trip. He made an offer and with some excellent salesmanship we were headed back to the mountains with a Snowrunner that starts in 2 pulls, and a package of homemade spicy sausages:

to be continued...


  1. damn, G J's on some other level shit!!!

  2. You need to ride that shit in Baldy on Saturday.....Yacht Club!

  3. Baldy is definitely on, and yes GJ was bringing the noise! It only gets better.