Monday, June 29, 2009

How to stay cool

And I am not talking about the weather. This is why Roscoes is the place to eat and drink.

1st off Hire a Charlie Bronson stunt double to drive thru during a reasonable dinner hour:

Before exit, make sure he parks his front wheel against your bar and smokes the restaurant out with a tasteful burnout:

And as the smoke clears, follow up with a small piece of history bring up the rear:

If you are around Chino Hills and are looking for some good fodd, drinks and entertainment... Stop by and look for the landmarks:


  1. no kiddin M D. i would be put in cuffs around these so called ritzy parts for having that kind of fun..

  2. You made one mistake on the picture comment, it was actually a LARGE piece of history bringing up the rear..

  3. Let's be fair...He is just big boned.