Friday, June 19, 2009


Just got a phone call from my visa credit card. Starting on June 16th some Fuck face charged almost 4 grand to my account. All this going on in the lovely town of Rancho Cordova near our States Capital. Thanks for the love fuck wad.
$1400 at Home Depot, $706 At Cigarette store, $244 at Liquor store, $360 at Safeway, $$ etc, $$ etc

Hope your home depot project collapses on your head and you and your family all have lung cancer and alcohol poisining. Enjoy your new purchases.


  1. sorry to hear that mike. there are some real turds out there. i had my identity stolen when i was 21 or so. my name was jose mungia flores from compton ca. i was at a credit union when i discovered this. all i said was, do i look like a mexican to you..

  2. Mr Mungia! hah Investigation starting today, so maybe we will see what my new alias is. Compton and Sac town have some stand up citizens thats for sure. For the record Nor Cal has some cool spots, but that shirt is funny.