Monday, October 19, 2009

What a weekend

Chino came out to really run a muck this weekend. Got some stuff done at the shop and then had a couple heavy drinking nights that ended with cab rides home.
Friday Night Shawn started the Pan/Shovel Mock:

Didn't take long and it was looking like a bike:

Saturday I started cleaning up the front end and changing around a little:

Sunday rode to Fullerton then back to Roscoes in Chino for some freakishly good times:

Don't know what this guy was thinking:

Shawn & Josh trying to ride through the bar:

And next time you see Broson here you have to ask him what happened after this picture:

let's just say he didn't spill a drop of his blue moon... to be continued...


  1. Sorry i missed you guys, we just flew back in from NYC. Lets have a rematch!

  2. let me guess. from the pic it looks like it may involve a certain guys pan that shares the same name as me and a chick starting the bike and running him over. thats it, when my bike is done i'm coming down to witness this shit first hand..

  3. hey girls, how come the invites don`t include the nash........... see ya soon.......

  4. Yeah Grant, its on this weekend. And I like your imagination Josh, it wasn't that colorful but it was damn impressive! Nash, this weekend bud, and I will grab your number so we don't miss you next time.