Friday, August 28, 2009

Motorcycle Attack

Here is a story abouta trip to Arizona that Josh and Shawn Bronson made. I believe it was in October of last year that Josh was headed out to AZ to meet up with Jeremiah from Love Cycles. He was picking up an Original 59' Panhead with a perfect frame. On the way home they got off the highway to grab some snacks and take a leak. When headed back to the highway a SUV with 3 passengers blows through a stop sign at they were guessing around 50mph. KABOOM! T BONE CITY! Bike was inside the van and now Josh, Shawn and the van are flipped over!. Funny thing is that there was no road on the other side of the van. These guys came barreling down a road that you had to go right or left on and they just blasted straight into the van and launched everbody into the dirt. Shawn got a broken back and Josh was okay. The other guys were all unscathed as well. Neddless to say, this bike has been through some tough days, but I was there last night to see her fire right up.

And Now on to the sneak peak of one really sweet 59' Rumor has it, Josh is taking to Paint this Sunday. We will keep you updated to the unveiling of the Attacked Machine.

The Mad Scientist:

Front End Peak:

Rear End Peak:

Great Scott Marty!


  1. twist clutch ,heel shift,mind brakes,voice start,runs on donut oil...