Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The King of Kong


The Greatest Arcade video game player of all time!

Look at these stats:
-First person to achieve a perfect Pac-Man score of 3,333,360, achieved July 4, 1999 at Funspot Family Fun Center in New Hampshire.

-Achieved a score on Donkey Kong Jr. of 957,300 in 2004.

-Achieved a score on Donkey Kong of 1,050,200 in 2007.

-Achieved a score on BurgerTime of 7,881,050 in 1984. The score was beaten in 2006 by Bryan L Wagner.

-Achieved a score on Centipede of over 25 million points.

Oh yeah and he has a chain of restaurants with his own hot sauce. Nice touch Big B.

Strive to be like Billy and you too can have the look of a champion!

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  1. i should have never cut off my hair.. that do is the shit..